man me

Since I could code and tinker with electronics, I have.

Starting with operating system installs to writing my first application in Visual Basic at around age 12, I have had an innate passion for all things tech.

Throughout my teen years I explored all aspects of computing, developing a keen knowledge of everything from power into the machine to user interaction. Each aspect of the technical world presented me with a new avenue to explore, taking a keen interest in Linux.

Then my love of software began… I learnt a wide range of languages, fiddled and built a solid knowledge of software design principals and participated in the open source community - and still do. I also built computers - a lot of them - from budget builds to monster workstations, while later discovering virtualisation and home-labbing.

Next came the beginnings of my early career, starting as an intern in software development at the beginning of 2014. Within a short time, I was promoted from intern to Web Developer then promoted further, into Senior Software Developer. I trained, lead and supported the next generation of excited Junior Developers, driving my ambition through their passion. I lead, managed and developed a rapidly expanding, award-winning product, and delivered the best result for both business and stakeholders.

Taking the NeXT step, I'm now employed as the Lead Software Engineer helping to expand, refine and diversify an impactful product.

Software development is my calling, facilitated by my innate ability to quickly consume, understand and distil information to support others. I also have a strong sense of self-motivation and passion for high-quality software development, always delivering to a progressive personal standard.

In short, I am devoted. I live and breathe any and all things software and hardware and am pretty much interested in anything that has a plug socket on it; opening it up, tinkering around and seeing how it all works. I love the way I can create and let my mind run wild through what is usually a rigid and unforgiving electrical world. But I seem to have a knack for it, I speak its language.

P.S. Yeah the commands don't really work on an actual terminal, but its all a bit of tongue in cheek fun.

btop | grep 'Second nature'

... and forever honing.
| Articulate
| Bash
| Composer
| Docker
| Elucidator
| Empathetic
| Git & GitOps
| Hardware
| Humble
| Kubernetes
| Laravel
| Linux
| macOS
| MariaDB
★️ | MySQL
| People
| Perspicacity
★️ | PHPUnit
★️ | PostgreSQL
★️ | Redis
★️ | Symfony
| System Architecture
| Unraid
★️ | Windows

btop | grep 'Proficient'

... and seeking second nature.
| Ansible
★️ | AWS (Acronym City)
★️ | CI / CD Pipelines
| Cloudflare
| Digital Ocean
★️ | GitHub Actions
★️ | JavaScript
| Linode
| Linux Administration
| Networking
| Nginx
| NuxtJS
| Python
★️ | SASS
| Swift
| SwiftUI
| Terraform
| TypeScript
| UniFi
| Virtualisation
| Vue.js
★️ | Vuex
| Windows Server

btop | grep 'Exploring & Loving'

... and sometimes even learning.
★️ | Assembly
★️ | CoreML
| Grafana
★️ | InfluxDB (+ Telegraf)
★️ | TensorFlow
★️ | Traefik
★️ | Unity
★️ | WebGL

Wanna know something neat? This site is running on a homelab cluster provisioned with Rancher!
There is a load more stuff to mention here, but its less skills and more things like; dotfiles, environments, homelab and supportive tooling, which are less about skills and more about effective/efficient development, getting things just how you like them all wrapped up in a GitOps, automatable fashion.

ls -lah ~/git

I'm pretty active on GitHub and will try to contribute in what ever way I can, no matter the language. I love the Open Source community and what we all stand for. I try to contribute my fair share to make good software available to all. I've learned some invaluable skills by taking this approach and it helps me keep an open mind.

I've done things like implement an entire release pipeline for certain projects to ease the development burden on the maintainer. I've released several packages and applications across multiple languages and platforms (and thats just what is public.) If its not that, then I'll be throwing up Gist's throughout the day with useful code snippets and scripts. Funnily enough both of my favorite scripts on there being related to getting OS images mountable or bootable on macOS, the later being from my days building custom Raspberry Pi images.

ls -lah /opt

Everyone needs to take a break and enjoy life, besides tech, here's how I like to spend mine!

Process Descriptor
skiing has to be skiing. Nothing like it, the experience. Recently, finally, invested in my own gear. Suited and booted.
hiking shortly followed by hiking, which tends to preceed skiing. Getting into the outdoors, walking and experiencing new places. The views. Camping! Camping is where its at, spent a long time camping and love every minute.
photography which follows on nicely to photography. Capturing the moment and getting creative with the image, in the moment and in post is delightful. Fuji XT-2 crew.
motorsport as a kid, I said i'd never do it. But now, I'm hooked. F1. A petrol head and electric head, combined brings a shine to Tesla. Although for now, Golf R 7.5 crew.
gaming a huge one for me and a chunk of my life. Creating, playing and exploring games/worlds/experiences.

history | grep me

Not quite an archaeological dig and I like to think I've accomplished a lot in the short space of time that I've been on this here blue dot, with plenty more to come! Once developed, this timeline element was PR'd back into the Terminal CSS framework.

Still-still loving life at Kamma, promoted to the Lead Software Engineer. Tesla Model 3 Long Range is still perfect and loving it!
Still loving life at Kamma. Swapped the Golf R out for a new Tesla Model 3 Long Range and loving it!
What lay ahead. 25. Now based at Kamma in London. Big move! Senior Software Engineer. Exciting new challenges in a tight knit company, a team, loving it.
Senior Software Developer. 24. BOOM. The platform exploded in popularity, we won awards, gained national attention and are now playing in the big leagues. Time to expand the team! A hiring run of 6 new staff to exceed resource, training the next generation of Junior Developers. My enjoyment and key skill being developing others and assisting people to grow under their own drive. Talking of driving, hello MK7.5 Golf R, DSG, lapiz blue with pretoria wheels, ummmm..MMM!
Onwards and upwards. 22. Promoted to Web Developer. I now have the run of the mill and love it, learning more and more about production software and the role of software in companies. Bridging the gap between tech and people and developing the platform in a boom of functionality.
Started my career in software. 21. Web Assistant (junior developer) at the University of Lincoln Students' Union. I took the role as a superb opportunity to work as part of a two man team in a new development called SUMS, Students' Union Management System. Only being in alpha when I started, shortly after starting releasing version 1. There lay history.


In the rare occasion that you'd actually like to get in touch with me, ping me on one of these. I usually go by the handle othyn, if you haven't already guessed.

github: othyn